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Behavior Training Classes

No dog - or human - is perfect. Whether you're looking to better understand your dog, or if your dog is exhibiting improper or fearful social interactions...our behaviorists can help!

Dogs 101

Growly Dogs

This fun class is based on development of pack structure and communication to help you and your dog understand each other on a whole new level.


This class will assist in the learning process from obedience to Advanced performance and aid in the prevention of "problems" that may occur in the future (ie, separation anxiety and destruction of property).


Cost: $55 per class

Session length: 1 hour

*Class must have 5 dogs to confirm, with a max of 10 dogs per class*


Geared toward dogs that have improper social interaction with other dogs or animals, this class will consist of other dogs with similar issues in a controlled environment. 


Learn about verbal and non-verbal communication, identifying triggers, and proper socializing techniques that will help you and your dog to feel comfortable in your own home or in social situations. Our focus will be on creating structure, communication and safety between you and your dog.


Cost: $75 per class

Session length: 1 hour

*Class must have 4 dogs to confirm, with a max of 5 dogs per class*


Fearful Fido

Nothing is more frightening than not knowing you're safe, or feeling like you are unable to protect the ones you love. This class is full of information on how your canine companion sees you and the world around them.


This small group class will focus on you and your dog's individual personalities. As we delve deep into the psychology of canine behavior, we will discover the roots of your dogs fear and bring light to a darkened tunnel, giving you and your dog the confidence to live life with safety and comfort.

Cost: $75 per class

Session length: 1 hour

*Class must have 3 dogs to confirm, with a max of 4 dogs per class*


Additional Information
  • All Behavior classes are ongoing and the noted fee is the cost per individual class.

  • Classes must reach minimum capacity to be conducted or they will carry over to the following offered class. An email will be sent when class reaches minimum capacity and is confirmed.

  • Payments due at time of class - cash or check accepted.

  • All sales are final and non-refundable.

  • Cancellations or reschedules must be made 2 days prior for payment to carryover.

  • Late cancellations or rescheduling class will result in forfeit of payment.

  • For more information about our behaviorist please visit

  • A portion of proceeds from each training will be donated to Paws Crossed.

Questions? Email:

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