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Future Opportunities

Capital Campaign / Naming Opportunities:

We expect this to be happening in stages over the next 2 years - stay tuned!


 We currently are working with approximately 70% of our building because there are pieces that need major renovations and reestablishment. Through a detailed timeline and a strategic Capital Campaign, we will rejuvenate life back into the damaged portions… one section at a time. With these repairs, Paws Crossed will be able to heighten and expand our mission by greatly increasing rescue efforts, starting a pet pantry, establishing new community programming and eventually, creating our own low cost clinic.


Through this campaign, there will be different avenues for naming opportunities; from paving stones, inlayed into our new lobby floor … to adoption rooms that your company can name and even help decorate. Or if you are thinking even BIGGER, how about putting your name on a new low-cost clinic; a much requested and much needed community resource?  Please stay tuned for future information and links to our Capital Campaign!!!



These are only a few ideas of possible types of Sponsorships with Paws Crossed!  We encourage people to think outside the box and come up with new, exciting and engaging ways of saving even more lives!!!


 We have had an exciting first year in our building … and we anticipate being a community resource for years to come! We hope you will take this journey with us and that this will be the start of a wonderful partnership! 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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