Our Compelling Story

We were the epitome of an ‘underdog’ and we proved just what a focused, mission-minded community could

accomplish against all odds. We are a grassroots organization that started on a shoestring budget. Even

before obtaining the building, we started the process of creating a rescue by setting up wonderful fosters,

beginning community education programs and establishing important partnerships. As we continued to

negotiate for the property, we made great strides to become a valuable resource and team player to a community that understood the importance of our mission, our presence and of our challenging work.


The reopening of the Elmsford facility in September of 2016 under the completely new organization of Paws Crossed, has returned a true no-kill rescue to Westchester! Since then, our goals have been reestablishing a dormant building, creating a healthy business, forming vital partnerships and most important… SAVING LIVES!