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Paws Crossed Animal Rescue Inc. is a New York State registered rescue.

Registration number: RR184

'Paws Crossed' is a registered trademark of Paws Crossed Animal Rescue Inc.

© 2018 Paws Crossed Animal Rescue Inc. All Rights Reserved.


We have just concluded our End of the Year Campaign and our theme this year was focused on a few of the amazing rescues that were close to our hearts! Stories of amazing rescues and heroic medical cases … adorable adoptions and fantastic fosters … phenomenal community programs, spectacular volunteers and terrific events…. REAL, LIFE-SAVING stories that are truly full of passion, compassion, empathy and giving.


To Paws Crossed it was a time to reflect on enhancing our mission to 

“Rescue One By One Until There Are None”. 

Through rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, advocacy, collaboration and education … how can we be a stronger, more empathetic voice for all orphaned pets?

  In 2018, we had 713 adoptions! This means 713 special souls that, because of you, were given a second chance at life and are now part of a family ... a forever family!


Won't you join us?


Your very important gift today, will help ensure many future successful rescues, wonderful forever home stories and critical community programming!

Join us in this giving-back movement as we celebrate, TOGETHER, the special bond of family …  staff, board members, volunteers, adopters, supporters, community … and, of course, the furries!  No one person, nor organization, can rescue alone …



We have a terrific holiday season of sharing planned:


  • Adoption days creating new forever families!

  • Special Jr. Volunteer Days!

  • Through social media, our staff will share a few of this year’s rescue stories at Paws Crossed and ask you to share your rescue stories as well!


Join our call to action and see just what the strength of family can do when we all come together to unwrap our hearts to save orphaned pets!