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Tail Up, Nose Down


Enriching Lives

Our new “Tail Up, Nose Down”SM enrichment program allows, encourages and teaches dogs to use their innate behaviors, such as playing, chasing, smelling, chewing and scavenging; all components that are vital in keeping a dog physically, mentally, and emotionally happy and healthy.

This program will be strategically and systematically designed to give our dogs the consistency, the training tools, and important socialization needed to set them up on their successful, life-saving road to a forever home and family.

 The many benefits of “Tail Up, Nose Down”SM:

  • Reduces stress and frustration by providing a feeling of fulfillment 

  • Reduces boredom-related behavior problems by increasing focus and concentration

  • Prevents onset of behavioral issues due to confinement

  • Stimulates and assists in brain growth

  • Increases intelligence and problem-solving abilities

  • Builds confidence and social skills

  • Helps with weight loss (having to work for their food)

  • Allows dogs to be dogs and do dog things

  • Creates a more balanced and happy dog through socialization (both doggie and people)

  • Builds stronger bonds through interactive play (both doggie and people)

  • Protects against age-associated cognitive decline and dementia (we love our seniors!)

  • Our Vision Statement is ‘We believe in always working to create a better world for pets and for people as a unified community’ … enrichment isn’t just for pets!

  • More forever homes and families will be created and sustained for years to come

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