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Paws of Healing

Paws Crossed Animal Rescue has formed a unique and very educational partnership with Children’s Village (located in Dobbs Ferry, NY), an organization for teens with troubled backgrounds. In September of 2016, under the direction of Jeanette McManus, a trainer who works for Children’s Village, a new program called Paws of Healing was born.

“This training program collaboration aims to teach teenagers to empathize with and nurture animals through understanding their own emotions and reactions to daily life” said Jennifer Angelucci, President/CEO of Paws Crossed. “It teaches the teens consistency, patience and unconditional love while allowing them to build camaraderie and team work skills”.

Children’s Village has found that teens in foster care quickly identify similarities between their own circumstances and the animal in a rescue and that this experience can assist with discussions surrounding the teens’ own permanency and placement. In addition, from the training the animals will receive, it will give the animals increased exercise and human socialization; in turn making them more adoptable.

“We are incredibly proud of this program and are looking forward to building on it in 2017” said Julie Potter, Chairman of Paws Crossed. “It is a remarkable mix of two very important organizations that blend their missions to help both kids and animals, which in turn benefits our community/society as a whole”.

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