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Capital Campaign

Next Up:
Upgrading our Kennels

Our new Adoption Center officially opened its doors on May 7th, 2023. Less than one year later, we are embarking (pun intended) on the next chapter of "There's No Place Like Home"!

When we took over the building and property in 2016, there were 4 kennel wings and only about 105 of these kennels were in working order. The front two wings (Adoption & Behavior Modification) had new stainless steel fencing installed in 2014 but the back two kennels (Observation and Quarantine) still have the old chain link fencing. In 2016 we converted half of the quarantine wing into our Rockefeller Rec Room, the other half for storage and in 2017 we installed an HVAC/Air filtration system in the observation wing.

Below is the breakdown of the work we plan on carrying out in phases:

- Adoption Wing: New HVAC system, new kennel flooring, fresh paint inside

- Behavior Modification Wing: New HVAC system, new kennel flooring, fresh paint inside/outside

- Observation Wing: New kennel fencing with plexiglass/stainless steel, new kennel flooring, fresh paint inside/outside

- Quarantine Wing: Half will become an upgraded storage space and the other half will have quarantine kennels, a wash room, small exam room and an outdoor play area.

We have secured architectural plans and the project is out to bid with HVAC contractors. Stay tuned for more information!!

Ways to Help

"There's No Place Like Home" Merchandise Campaign!

Support this life-saving campaign by purchasing one of our 9 shirt styles! All styles come in a variety of colors and sizes!

Chapter 5:
The Building of our New Adoption Center 

Making Our House Their Home Until They Find Their Very Own!

This beloved property, that we battled over 10 months to obtain, was is in varying states of disrepair and is in need of much love and support to restore it to its full functionality.  That said, once the Town Inspector informed us that portions of the building were still accessible, we knew we had to obtain this dormant property and do whatever it took to bring a true no-kill rescue back to Westchester.  We knew that the most important thing was to start rescuing and build our community programs!


Our new Adoption Center officially opened its doors on May 7th, 2023. Check out the video below to see the transformation...or better yet, come see us in person!

Capital Campaign Booklet

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