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Senior for Seniors Adoption Program

It is well known the importance that pets play in our lives, regardless of how old we are - or how old our pets are. Owning a pet has tremendous benefits to our health and well-being. The companionship a pet can offer is unmatched and we believe that everyone deserves a chance to give and receive unconditional love!

Our Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program helps bring wonderful senior orphaned pets to loving homes! Our adoption counselors help each of our adopters find the perfect match for their lifestyle!


How we Support our Adopters:

After adoption, we remain a resource to all of our adopters and offer support in many ways.

  • Eligible adoptions will receive a discounted adoption rate through this program.

  • We host free vaccination clinics at the Rescue in partnership with Banfield.

  • We offer training seminars hosted at the Rescue throughout the year.

  • We offer a free week of training through our partners at GoodPup - all virtually! 

  • Our Community Kibble program is available for those that may have trouble affording pet food or supplies. 

  • If planning for your pet's future is a concern - we offer a Pet Bequest Program so that planning for your pets is not a burden!

Program Eligibility:

  • This program was designed for adopters that are 70 or older. 

  • Adopted pets must be over 7 years old.


Lady Diane.jpeg

Lady Diana

Just Adopted! Quote coming soon



"We had been turned down for over a year by all of the shelters in the area except you all due to being a senior.  Although we were in good health no one would take a chance on us.  We did realize that many seniors may be high risk, most are not.  So thank you for taking a chance on us!  Let me outline what it has been like adopting Bailey (aka Bud). 


The first couple weeks he formed a bond with me and followed me everywhere (probably because I am retired and was the one to comfort him on the way home).  My husband still works so it was up to me to see to his training and get us on a schedule. 


I realize this is a long email, but I want you to know that this dog could not be more loved.  Recently, he has started jumping on the bed first thing when the sun rises to wake us up and snuggle.  It's a nicer alarm clock than the usual one!  We think he is finally trusting that we are his dog parents and will never abandon him.  I hope this email is a good argument for seniors adopting dogs."



"He is doing great. Working on his problem with food aggression. He sleeps with me every night. Loves. car rides and has made friends with dog across the street. Scottie went to day care  the other day and loved it. We have fallen in love with each other. I also had him checked by Vet. and he had his teeth cleaned. Someone trained him to roll over for a treat. it's a Hoot!"

Remy Adopted.jpeg


"9 months with Remy. She loves her hammock and gives the happy squint with her belly rubs. She needed awhile to get comfortable but now she bosses the dogs. It has been a real reward to adopt a senior FeLVi from Paws Crossed."

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