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Our Team

Our Board Members

Our board members bring a vast amount of experience and expertise to our organization. We are focusing on strong business skills, and of course a strong compassion for animals. Mike Arms of the Helen Woodward Center once said, "The animals have our hearts and souls, but just as important, they also need our minds."


Leslie Zee: Chairman/Director


Jennifer Angelucci: President/CEO/Director


Patricia Angelucci: Secretary/Director

Mike Arms: Director

Rebecca Solomon: Director

Our Staff

Jennifer Angelucci: President/CEO

Julie Potter: Business & Development Director

AnnaBella Gillin: Rescue Manager

Donna Troiani: Rescue Assistant

Scott Salant: Dog Manager/Lead Behavior Specialist

Koby Stern: Behavior Specialist

Emily Murphy: Cat Manager

Jodi Shook: Veterinarian Technician

Tempestt Smith: Adoptions Counselor/Cat Caregiver

Surama Frank: Adoptions Counselor/Cat Caregiver

Elizabeth Dan: Cat Caregiver

Tamir Velez: Adoptions Counselor

Melissa Eacobacci: Caregiver/Adoptions Counselor

Kyra Zach: Dog Caregiver/Adoptions Counselor


Anne Vaccaro: Dog Caregiver

Blanca Jamarillo: Dog Caregiver


Nelly Burgos: Dog Caregiver

Norma Yari: Dog Caregiver

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