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Family Trip Tips for Traveling with Your Furries!

6 Ways to Plan a Problem-Free Trip With Your

Furry Family Members

Our pets are part of our families. Which is why it makes total sense that more pet parents are bringing their furries along on their travels. But traveling with a furry, without added stress and headache, can still be a challenge. So if you plan on hitting the road with your

furry family member, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Find Sitters to Stay With Pets Along The Way

There are tons of destinations that will welcome you and your dog with welcome arms! From dog-friendly East coast stops to scenic desert towns, there’s no shortage of getaways you can plan to enjoy with your pup. But no matter where you plan to go, you want to be sure your dog is taken care of if you need to venture out alone. Since dogs can get pretty anxious in unfamiliar environments, you may want to look for local pet sitters to take care of your dog during your solo adventures.

Check In With Your Vet Before Your Departure

Before you start packing, make a vet appointment to ensure your dog has all he needs to travel state to state. You may need a certificate of health or additional vaccinations, and you do not want to be caught without either. Dogs should also be microchipped, which is a simple procedure for your vet to complete. If your dog already has a microchip, make sure your information is updated so you can up the odds of reuniting with your pet if he/she should get lost along the way.

Rent Entire Homes Rather Than Hotel Rooms

When you check in for the night, sometimes you may want to step out for coffee, dinner or shopping. The last thing you want is for your dog to disturb hotel guests or staff with barking, so think about renting an AirBnB instead. You can snag an entire home that will put a buffer between barking and neighbors, but if AirBnB is not your preferred choice, try one of these whole home rental services. If you do need to stay in a hotel during your trip, be sure to pick one with dog-friendly accommodations, to avoid any unforeseen

issues at check-in.

Pack Some Meals and Snacks for The Road

Mealtimes are something many pet parents forget to plan for when packing for a trip. If you’re planning on driving around with your dog, you should be wary of leaving him in the car. Hot cars can kill dogs within minutes and in some states it’s illegal to leave dogs alone in cars. Either plan on surviving off drive-thru fare while on the road or you pack sometravel-friendly snacks before you leave. Think about portioning out some food and snacks for your pup too, to make feeding time easier.

Be Aware of Breed Restrictions By State

Planning for mealtimes can help you avoid issues in different states. But you should also be mindful of restrictions around various dog breeds as you travel. Even if your state does not have any current BSL on the books, many states do. So if you plan on traveling with bully breeds or other targeted dogs, do your homework before you plan any stops. Keep those restrictions in mind when planning your route too, to avoid problems with traffic stops.

Take Your Cat Along on Some Travels Too

There’s no reason why your dog should be the only pet to enjoy all that traveling, especially since traveling with cats can be fun too. You will need to crate your cat while traveling and possibly in hotels, and you may want to look for a lightweight litter box to bring along. It may be best to limit cat travels to shorter trips, since bathroom breaks can be a bit more involved. However you travel with your cat, consider picking up a cat-friendly harness for walks and breaks.

Traveling with your dog can be serious fun! You’ll enjoy so many exciting sights, sounds and smells together while helping to create a closer bond. Just keep the safety and comfort of your dog, or cat, in mind and have fun exploring

with your furry family members!

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