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A Plethora of Puppies Amidst a Pandemic

We’re living in a strange and uncertain time amidst a global pandemic but one thing remains constant - rescue never stops. We’ve all experienced changes in the past months with the implementation of social distancing and the closures of businesses, organizations and services. One of the impacts this is having on the rescue world is that rural counties in southern states have been experiencing even more limited access to spay and neuter services which many veterinarians and clinics are considering a non-essential, elective surgery. As a result, southern shelters are being inundated with puppies!

Here at Paws Crossed Animal Rescue, we recently took a transport of 17 puppies and a nursing mother from our rescue partners in the south. Due to the lack of spay/neuter services, limited leash laws and a number of other factors, we found out that those shelters filled back up the very same day! We normally wouldn’t take this many puppies at one time - we took in 95 pets in May alone - but we got the call for help and jumped to action. We are now experiencing the cutest sort of surplus - piles of happy, squirming puppies who are getting ready to find their forever homes.

One of these litters is extra special. A group of three brothers and two sisters were born with a genetic visual impairment and three are completely blind. If you have the pleasure of watching them play together, you would never know. They run and jump and wrestle just like any puppy would. Sure, they occasionally run headlong into a wall or take a flying leap and miss their mark - but these five offer a true lesson in resilience. Born blind, they have never known a different life and they are the happiest, sweetest pups you will ever meet. Two of these pups are still looking for their forever homes! Check out this video to see how goofy, playful and spirited they really are:

We feel that we could all take a cue from these puppies about how to lean on each other in times of need and greet each new obstacle with determination and spunk! That’s why we decided they should be our Everyday Hero Puppies! Their names are Detective Olivia Benson (Law & Order), Dr. Doogie Howser (1990 show of the same name), Mr. Hooper (grocer from Sesame Street), Mrs. Frizzle (teacher from the Magic School Bus), and Newman (mailman from Seinfeld). All were named after essential workers - doctors, police, teachers, grocers, mailmen - the people in our community who are also showing unbelievable strength and resilience in a time of crisis.

It is because of your unwavering support that we were able to step in when our rescue partners needed us during the pandemic. We are all adjusting to a new normal but one thing is always crystal clear - we are committed to continue “Rescuing One By One Until There Are None.” We are asking for your help in supporting these lifesaving transport trips so that we can continue bringing not only puppies into the rescue, but all orphaned pets and help them find loving homes. Your donation, of any size, can help us keep saying “yes” when there’s another pregnant mom in need or another litter of puppies who were born a bit different.

If you are able to make a donation, you can do so HERE. Thank you!!

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