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Instructions for your Cutout!

Thank you so much for supporting Paws Crossed!! We are so excited to see our #WeAreFamily wall continue to grow! We have found that sending pictures over email does not come in high enough quality for the cutouts so the best option is sending them through You don’t have to make an account, you just go to the site, enter as your “email to” and upload your photo! 


Photos that work best:

  • Pictures with your pet facing the camera (or only slightly looking away). 

  • No cropped photos, we will do that! (It brings down the quality)

  • Pictures from your phones main camera on the back (front facing cameras have lower quality)

  • Photos from a camera are even better! 

  • DO NOT transfer pictures from computer to phone or vice versa, this will bring down the quality through sending. Upload from the device the picture was taken.


I look forward to seeing your picture!


Thank you again! 

** Orders are placed quarterly and we will post on social when the new additions go up **

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