Our Rescue at Work Fulfilling Our Mission

Educational programming is essential to the mission of Paws Crossed, because the future of animal advocacy and rescue will be in the hands of our children. Paws Crossed works with Boy & Girl Scout troops as well as conducting in-school seminars on animal safety and the importance of the true no-kill philosophy. For the young animal lovers, Paws Crossed holds Junior Volunteer Days, where the younger children participate in arts and crafts and also learn how to interact respectfully with pets.


Paws Crossed has also formed a wonderful partnership with Children’s Village - an organization that works with at-risk teens. This training-program collaboration teaches teenagers to empathize with and nurture animals through understanding their own emotions and reactions to daily life. In addition, this program gives the pets involved increased exercise and human socialization; in turn making them more adoptable.


Reading to Rover is a new innovative program in which children read to trained and certified therapy dogs. Reading to Rover is not only fun for the children but it builds confidence, enthusiasm, and reading proficiency!


Paws Crossed loves Corporate Volunteer Days! These wonderful groups raise funds for a specific project that is much needed at the rescue and then their company’s employees create it. These days provides local Corporations with fantastic team- building activities and opportunities, while providing Paws Crossed with help around the rescue!