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This beloved property, that we battled over 10 months to obtain, is in varying states of disrepair and is in need of much love and support to restore it to its full functionality.  That said, once the Town Inspector informed us that portions of the building were still accessible, we knew we had to obtain this dormant property and do whatever it took to bring a true no-kill rescue back to Westchester.  We knew the most important thing was to start rescuing and build our community programs!


Now that we have been operating for almost 3 years, rescued over 2,600 orphaned pets and established our community programs, we are starting on our journey to bring this property to its full potential! 

Our Compelling



Our Mission

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The Book of Love

Through a detailed timeline and a strategic Capital Campaign, we plan to rejuvenate life back into this 

damaged structure… one section at a time. These ‘sections’ of our Capital Improvement journey are being 

billed as ‘Chapters’, as this is quite a story of emotion, determination and tenacious work… it is a story that 

needs to be told and remembered.  

THIS is where we are respectfully requesting your help and support!

Details and Timeline




August 2015 through June 2016 

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Began Late 2019


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Chapter Four

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